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Zeus Features: Explosion Module
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Make an option available so that we can create explosions.

I know that you can let placed explosive explode by pressing END, but in some cases this is not suitable.


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Drag'n Drop an Explosion Module out of the list onto an object like a vehicle, and BOOM!

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I imagined this effect when I had a Zeus mission yesterday where my team had to destroy several armored targets. They used rockets, but some of them didn't exploded at they where hit. So I thought that it would be quite nice to have some explosions to use.

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Are you kidding me? Have you even played the Zeus tutorial? You can press "END" on your keyboard to destroy the selected object, and you can also place all the mines, charges and explosive satchels in the game and use END to blow them up too.
Here's a tip: If you have a question, ask 3 friend. If none of them know the answer, ONLY THEN should you come to the forums/feedback tracker to ask about it. It just adds even more unneeded clutter to these platforms.

I have, and I know that I can let placed explosive explode.
Explosion module could also come in handy in other mission, when trigger would become reality in Zeus (trigger explosion when trigger is activated).

There is no need to be that hatred.

Okay I know I came across as frustrated and angry and I apologize

I have found you a thread on the forums about how to make an explosion anywhere you want just by using a script. Here it is:

I also know how to do that, but I am talking about a simple explosion module without additional scripts. The thing is now, with Zeus a total sandbox became an option. I already created a complete sandbox zeus mission without any additional scripts ( ). Beeing able to just call explosions without any additional scripting is just an extension of Zeus.