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Well then, I'd like my money back, since Bohemia Interactive can't even help A WHOLE LOT of players wanting to play this game, I'd like my money back and the game removed from my PC. I practically wasted alot of money just to buy a game that where the Developers can't even reduce the graphics of the game just to help the community getting to play the game.


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To understand what I am saying on this post, check the other thread I made before.

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You can fix it yourself. Read the Iceman's note again.

I've tried and they crash, so since they do, I am unable to play this game, so I want my money back, simple as that.

Even because I think Bohemia Interactive Developers seem to be unable to make the graphics a bit lower just to help the Community play this really good game. I admit it's an amazing game, but seems like not everything 100% good in life. So yes, my decision is having my money back.