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U_IG_Guerrilla_6_1 has no wound textures
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So for our units custom uniform mod, I had included the new ig_guerrilla_6_1 model with our custom made camo, for officer user, as the current officer uniform for independent doesnt seem carry much appeal for our officers. I guess too formal for officers who want to get their hands dirty. Anyhow, we realized that when they get wounded or die, they have no wound textures on the uniform, so sometimes it is hard for our medics to identify them as wounded in combat.

So I tested this with vanilla U_IG_Guerrilla_6_1 that came with bootcamp update (unmodified) and yeah, same issue.

The U_IG_Guerrilla_6_1 Doesnt seem to have wounds on uniform, and if I am not mistaken, the jersey top seems very flat, doesn't seem to have normal map applied??? Not sure if it is just me though, so I guess no rvmat for this uniform, though looking at provided textures, there should be?


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load up a session in editor, get a friend to wear U_IG_Guerrilla_6_1 uniform (the vanilla one from bootcamp) and shoot him =)observe no wounds.

Additional Information

This is extracted from the config I followed from BI config from the characters_f_bootcamp folder:

Here is where I found reference to the guerilla uniform.

class I_G_Soldier_LAT_F : I_G_Soldier_base_F {

model = "\A3\Characters_F_Bootcamp\Guerrilla\ig_guerrilla_6_1.p3d";
hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\A3\Characters_F_Bootcamp\Guerrilla\Data\ig_guerrilla_6_1_co.paa"};

So that shows I have the correrct one, Now going into the characters_f_gamma where I found the I_G_Soldier_base_F class, to see what class wound it is inhereting.

class I_G_Soldier_base_F : SoldierGB

So I tried using the wounds class from I_G_Soldier_base_F, even though that didn't look right, and as expected, no wounds. using the wounds class i used from I_soldier_base_F for other uniforms, since this uniform is modified from ia_soldier_01, that doesnt work either. The skin textures show wounds, but not the uniform itself.

So I am guessing this was over looked, and would hope it gets fixed.

pretty please

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