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Vehicle crosshairs deviate from center of screen relative to how far you freelook from the center for your first time
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This is a hard bug to explain; I recommend watching my YouTube video on it. However, when using vehicles where the pilot has a gun e.g. AH-9, WY-55 Hellcat and jets, for the first time that you freelook away from the center of the screen the crosshair will deviate from the center of the screen relative to that amount. If you freelook away from the center again it will not occur - it only applies for when you first freelook when you're in the vehicle. Watch my YouTube video as it is hard to explain:


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get in vehicle with gun for pilot e.g. AH-9, WY-55 or jet
  2. Freelook away from the center of the screen
  3. Notice how the crosshair deviates slightly from the center of the screen in the direction of which you first freelooked.
  4. Repeated attempts to freelook will not do anything - it only occurs on the first time you freelook.

Edit: This occurs to a greater extent if you hold "Ctrl" (to move your head), causing the crosshair to deviate so far that is was off the screen for me. Is there a centre option, to re-centre your head after moving it?

Additional Information

The bug will only occur on the FIRST time you freelook.
The crosshair deviation is relative to how far you freelook on the first occasion.
Whilst it only deviates by a small amount in the video, it can deviate further though I was unable to reproduce. I've had it deviate so far that it was hidden underneath my radar (placed near the top of the screen).
It makes shooting with such vehicles incredibly when it deviates far as zooming in will make you go off target.
The crosshair will ONLY deviate vertically; not horizontally.

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