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House wall seem invisible to AI
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AI with katiba (silencer on) from about 60-70m range shooting through the wall im behind on second floor. Kalocheri, Altis. AI shot through all areas of that wall. Not just under the window.

Check images for exact location.

I have seen more walls being invisible (or non collidable) since the latest updates. Especially on houses. This is the only one i have images of atm. Will search for more.
{F24418} {F24419} {F24420}


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In the Editor, when I make costume missions,AI soldiers see trough all objects, trees, houses, mounts without visual contact from 500-1000 metre,and exactly know, wheere the player, and other AI soldiers are. Very dissapoint thing in a tactical shooter, like a dirty cheat.

thank you for submitting the ticket. I was not able to reproduce the problem. I found the exact same building and room. The AI was not able to see me through the wall. Once I revealed myself to it, it shot to the location which was last known to him (please, see aiming.jpg) and then stopped, unable to locate me behind the wall.
I also tried the bullet collisions and they seem good to me. I added screenshot collision.jpg where you can see that bullet is drastically slowed down by wall penetration. Some bullets do not penetrate the wall at all and some are ricocheted away.
I would consider this the correct behaviour, do you think that as well?