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Large explosions causes lag
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If numerous explosions goes off my whole game starts to lag. This only happens in multiplayer. One example of multiple explosions going off is when a jet does a rocket attack on a position causing my fps to go down and lag.


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Happens on a king of the hill mode. Not sure about any other game modes.

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Thanks for acknowledging. Let me know if you need anything.

It's kind of to be expected, this happens at least to some extent in all games (it's a whole lot of stuff happening at once, it's bound to bog down the game).

As far as i checked it may be a sound problem, after i disabled the sound and played the game when jet does a strafe run there was no fps drop, but when the sound was on i experienced massive fps drop

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I have exactly the same problem. Game runs "quite good" on my GTX 550 Ti but only jet attacks or full auto Anti-Air fire is causing static noises and unbelievable lag with fps drops to zero both in king of the hill and even singleplayer missions. I bought a new GPU (GTX 660) and still have the same problem. Depending on how many jets are up in the air king of the hill is nearly unplayable.

I have solved the problem. All you have to do is limit the audio sources to a maximum of 24 in the game options. Thanks to WilkuActual for the hint that it could be an audio problem.