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showcase: combined arms mission will never end after new stamina system
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In combined arms showcase mission after repelling enemy counterattack the evac chopper arrive but only hold for a few minutes to load player squad, but because of new stamina system which causes AI get too tired when climbing hills, they won't reach chopper in time and evac chopper goes away and mission will be failed!


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1-play showcase: combined arms mission
2-defeat enemy forces and go into incoming evac helicopter.
3-AI units will not reach helicopter in time because of slow move.
4-mission will be failed.

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I think it's better to remove that time limition or just increase it so AI units have time to get in chopper.

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seems you fixed it after new update although I loose all my brothers in this mission as it's so hard just play it alone as single player.

Thank you for letting us know that this issue was fixed.
If you experience this again, feel free to re-open.
Thank you.