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Unrealistic Fatigue Recovery (***Ignore)
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With the new fatigue system implemented by Bootcamp, one thing that doesn't make sense is the recovery from running. If a person with 0% load (not even a watch or uniform) has 100% fatigue, they recover extremely quickly. However, while at 100% load (AT launchers etc...) it makes sense that fatigue raises faster, but not that it seems to never go down (even at 4x game speed, going from 100% to 99% felt like a good minute). The main problem with this is that a standard squad on foot will have to wait at least 2 minutes just for the AT or AA man to catch his breath, even though they should be able to do it at the same rate as the rest of the squad.

A possible solution is to just find a reasonable average wait time of recovery that is not dependent on load, but instead on the persons fatigue.


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Use the Virtual Arsenal; take all objects off the soldier and combat roll while prone (since it gets you tired faster); watch the fatigue bar deplete; next, make another loadout with a CSAT uniform, NATO vest, Carryall, titan AA, Zafir, and as many rockets and bullets as you can fit; sprint for a while; watch the fatigue bar deplete.

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I don't know for certain if this present on dev branch since I switched back from it a week ago, but I'm making this ticket just in case it wasn't addressed before.
One solution that currently works is to drop you're backpack, launcher, and vest on the ground, but in combat... doesn't seem reasonable.

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I actually agree, stamania recovery should be the same, or if anything, just slightly slower with full load.

Something else to note would be, if it takes about 4 minutes to go from 100% to 99%, then logically it would take at the very least 6 hours to go from 100% to 0% fatigue.

Well, since it seems that this issue's been solved I suppose that this ticket is obsolete now.

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It sorta makes sense.

In real life If I want to recover from fatigue after a long hike I am gonna drop my ruck next to me while I get a tiny bit of rest.

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Yes this was solved a whle ago. But now the recovery with heavy load out is way too quick compared to a light load out.

I think this should be closed now after the Nexus update rolled out.

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