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Weapon weights need changing
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(Edit: I have changed the title. Originally, I only mentioned the weights of two weapons. In the comments, people are saying that there are more that seem wrong.)

Original comment:

According to user Drallo's weapon weights research here:

and the A3 kit dump here:

the TRG20 is too light, lighter even than the Sting or Vermin.

The MK18 may also be too heavy, being much heavier than the equivalent Rahim.

Edit - I should point out that I'm not saying that the TRG20 and the MK18 are too heavy/light compared to *each other*, but that they are compared to their *equivalents*.


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No. It makes sense. The TRG-21 is fairly small and the Mk18 ABR is not only visually larger, but also has twice as a many bullets in a magazine.

the Mk18 is also a thick chunk of metal with a giant match grade barrel, the TRG is a much lighter, sleeker, short barreled gun.

In reality the TAR21 is not significantly lighter than the F2000 (the Mk20), yet in game it's 25% lighter. It's carbine in game is as light as the lightest SMG, and the same weight as the heavy pistols.

Likewise, in reality the M14 EBR (Mk18) is well under 1/2 the weight of the Cheytac Intervention (M320 LRR), but in game it's exactly the same.

I should point out that I'm not saying that the TRG20 and the MK18 are too heavy/light compared to *each other*, but that they are compared to their *equivalents*. Sorry if that wasn't clear in the original post.

Also, I've not held a real gun, but am just going off how they look/how heavy similar guns are, so feel free to correct me!

According to the information you provided, the TRG-20 (the compact version) weighs the same as the Zubr, 4-Five and the PDW2000. I'm not entirely convinced that it should be that way.

This is obviously a mistake

trg20 should weight the same as mk20 and the mk18 same as rahim

Also, the PCML being lighter than the Mk18 seems a bit strange to me. The Mk18's real-life counterpart (M14 EBR) weighs about 5 kg, while the PCML's counterpart (NLAW) weighs about 12.5 kg.

A lot of these values are really strange compared to each other. Maybe you (ColonelMolerat) should change the ticket to "Adjust the weight of all weapons" or something like that.

Ticket title changed.

The aiming animation until the last update is terrible with all infantry weapons. Very unrealistic, that in prone position you cant aim stable. Maybe the new fatigue system cause this thing, but in a shooter this is one of the most important things, how to handle weapons. This issue absolutly destroy the game experience, and frustrate all players. I suggest to Bohemia Studio to study the aiming system in Red Orchestra II wich is very realistic and playable.