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new options to contol ai point of view
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in the current arma version we only have two options to tell the ai where to look at (scan the sourroundings)

  1. watch a direction (n, ne, e, se, s, sw w, nw)
  2. scan the horizon

for example
if you are a tankdriver and tell your ai gunner to scan the horizon,
the barrel constantly turn around, with no ending. if you tell them watch n
the barrel looks infinite n wherever and how long you drive.

my wishes: extend the the options (all examples explained with the tank secenario, can also be infantry or helicrew, or whatever)

  1. scan the front : barrel looks in the driving direction and scan a small angle, maybe 60 degree left and 60 degree right from mid front
  2. scan the left: barrel looks left to the driving direction, and scan also 120 degree
  3. san the right: same same, but right
  4. scan the back: same same but back
  5. a reset option, barrel looks straight to driving direction, and do nothing
  6. scan the horizon should not produces infinite turnings of the barrel, maybe 1-3 times, then back to zero position

scan the horizon in attack heli should only use the max. angle of the gunner view system
(you cant look back, only left, front and right)

thats it for the first. should be doable, or?


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