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Please add marker icons that dont change size when zooming
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Would be nice to have command to disable marker size changeing when zooming in or out on map. Would like to add bigger marker arrows on map, but currently when zooming out the arrow may become as big as the whole map which makes it look very ugly.

Let me know if there is already some way to prevent that.


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Strange, I could swear markers do not change size at all. Just tested, always the same size regardless of zoom.

Edit: unless you mean ellipse and rectangular marker?

I think he is saying he doesn't want them to change in relation to the map (i.e. when you zoom out of the map, the marker stays the same size meaning it covers more area.

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Yes, related to the map the icon size changes, which is bad. :) You are right that the actual markersize stays the same. Would like to have a way for marker-icons behave like ellipse and rectangular marker-areas.

One way would be of course to have script altering the marker sizes when zooming out or in, but with much markers that isnt good way.

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Thanks :),

will still wait for possible official method. Having hundrets of markers on map so that could become quite heavy. Unless I just use it for certain markers (placed in array, and replacing that allmapmarkers).