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With some backpacks from mods, backpacks can not being empty
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In the virtual arsenal, with some backpacks coming from mods (I don't know if it is Massi's or CAF agressors) it is not possible to empty the backpacks. If you add it to the soldier, it is already half full, and no way to take away the ammo coming from the mod in it.
Hope my explaination was clear :P
Second problem: if you put a launcher, it is not possible to add an ammo direct to the launcher, and so you lose a little bit of place in the backpack... (maybe it is possible, but I've not found how :O )


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This issue is still pending.

Any backpack pre-configured with items is unusable in the arsenal due to this bug.
Everytime you click to anything (vest, weapon for example) and back to the backpack icon, your backpack is loaded with an extra set of the preloaded items.

This can be easily tested with the addon "R3F Uniformes" for example.
Each backpack and derivated class has NVG, some google, chemlight.etc.
You're geting one of those for each derivated class and for each click on the backpack icon in the arsenal.