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Allow User to define hotkeys for select modules/object
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Part of being a good Zeus is creating a mission efficiently and quickly enough that players do not ever notice anything being placed or created. The worst thing a Zeus can do is make players wait for a long time with nothing to do while the mission is created.

And what slows down Zeus the most? Probably searching for things he needs to place.

So what's my solution? Allow the user to bind his 10 most used objects/modules to the 10 number keys (1234567890) above the keyboard (they don't seem to be used for anything right now).

Zeus would hold down a key - we'll say 4, which in this case is bound to "OPFOR Rifleman (AT)."
While this key is held down, the icon/handle of this unit would appear under the mouse as if it had been selected from the unit menu. All Zeus has to do is click, and the unit is placed like normal.

This would allow Zeus to free up lots of time normally spent searching through the menus for a specific object, and therefore greatly speed up the process of creating missions.


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It would be beneficial to allow these hotkeys to be set up easily, and accessed while in game (so that if the players suddenly want to be OPFOR, Zeus can quickly swap out all his hotkey'd enemy units to BLUFOR).

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Great idea. Zeus is really in need of more shortcut keys.

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CTRL+F while in Zeus interface should result in a popup "search" window, which would yield results somewhere to pick from...