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Slowed-down run animation while fatigued looks unnatural
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Having a fatigue system is great, but the corresponding slowed-down animation looks very bad in my opinion. While being fatigued, the animation looks a bit like slow-motion or running in a low gravity environment. It doesn't look natural.


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Run around in the hills on Altis until fatigued.

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edit: I don't mind slowing the animation down a bit, but when you're really fatigued, I think the animation is too slow.

Just to be clear, this ticket is not about that movement is too slow.

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I agree, it looks and feels weird. I hope there will be better implementation of this. For one, instead of slowmo a soldier could move more irradic and run slower for 10 meters to catch a deep breath and then run faster again for a short time up to a point you can't walk standing anymore and you fall on your knees and can only move crouched a little bit further.... or something! something better then this slomo walk in any case.

Yeah I love the new fatigue system but the slow run animation does look a bit floaty (if that is even a real word)

A person would use shorter steps the more fatigued he/she becomes.