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Import/Export of Virtual Arsenal not work in Multiplayer
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Sorry if this exist, but i search in forum, feedback tracker and google and i not see.

Export/import options of Virtual Arsenal, in the Main Menu, and in the editor work well, but not in Multiplayer. I tried in LAN and Internet, with Host and Client, and the import/export options not work.
It is very important for a virtual group have these options online, because you always have someone from the group lacks a profile or more.


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Virtual Arsenal
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Create a mission with VA, export mission to PBO (not use EDITOR for try this options, in editor work), create room in LAN or Internet with this mission.

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I could understand why import would be disabled in MP, as it could be a vector of attack.

I don't understand why export would be disabled in MP.

Hey Devs, we should have the option to disable/enable import and export as we see fit. Shouldn't be too hard to make it an extra optional parameter in the function.

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