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Expansionpack with content of ArmA2/OA
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Hello BI,
the Arma 2 series had a bunch of great content, would be great to have this content in A3. Something like an Expansionpackage (prize around 10-20€, reduced to players who already own A2/OA) containing units, the classic maps and also sounds and music.

There is no reason for not using the nice content, I know that the quality level is not the same but if the price is okay me (and I guess also other players) would be willed to pay for that. There are already ports of A2 content but most time they contain small mistakes like problems with light and windows or the physic settings.

This is just an idea, best regards!


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Marek Španel himself said that this won't be happening.

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In which relation Marek said that? And for what reason ?

He said it on the official forums because a lot of people were asking about it. They released all the unbinarised content so that people can port it themselves.

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Not happening.