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Lynx & M320 too weak penetration - body
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Tested both the Lynx and the M320 (all ammo variants) by putting a couple of AI close to eachother and they never penetrate one to kill or injure the one(s) behind. Weapons designed to go through armour and engine blocks etc i think should be able to go through a body. Only tested bodies so far. Might be too weak vs other materials as well.

Guessing its a "config" thing.

Thank you.


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I've tested the Lynx APDS rounds and I can assure you that its penetration power seems to be correct, except with bodies. Vote up!

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Thanks Kilian for testing. ;)

PS. and it sucks we have to vote real issues/bugs. They should all be investigated if reported in a way the devs can check it quickly. There are bugs that never gets votes because the biggest mass dont ever encounter them. So they are never fixed. Voting should be for suggestions only.

Lets hope "most" people use these rifles at some point, and that they have tested what we tested. :D