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Lack of Black respect
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There is little Black man models in this game, and no black voices. As a African American in the arma community since opf i find this to be very hurtful. All i ask is a couple better face models and blacker arms with a nice deep voice. Please make this happen dwarden. thank you have a nice day.


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Configure > Profile > Edit > Face > little black face.

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all i want to do is show my black dominance when i blow stuff up.

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Please tell me you aren't serious.

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sir i am as serious as i can be, how would you feel if the game came with one white face character?

I honestly wouldn't give a damn. There are plenty of games (the CoD and BF series, to name a few) that don't allow any character customization outside of your name.

Also, this issue is a duplicate of #0005433.

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sir please do not compare arma to arcade like fps. obviously it is a hot topic when people are making other topics about it. It needs to be handle properly

thank you for your feedback, your ticket was acknowledged.

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Well, I would not call in respect, cause other races are also less represented. I am white and wanted to create a black character. The choice was saddening me but I created one though.

I did it cause I think otherwise the game lacks diversity and there must always be a big black guy with a badass machine gun!

And the googles look more badass!

So I also vote for less white/caucasian characters and more of all other races!

Lastly, it is not soooo important. There are other things (rag doll, hit boxes etc.) which have a higher priority.

Considering there are already heads of the African Persuasion. Ill find it very amusing if they address this issue before they address the lack of female heads/voices.