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vehicles and units from arma2
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please put in some present soldiers, vehicles and statig weapons like m1a2, stryker, d-30, m119, M2 Bradley etc. like they are in arma2.


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there are mods for that

why vote down????
dont use it if you don't like it!
and by the way, i am sure that present units will still be used in the future!

no, dont bring the "dont use it if you dont like it" argument, because people at BIS will have to work, and use resources to bring that wich, depending on the votes, will see how many people want. Just because someone want an option that nobody else wants that will take away lots of resources and time doesn't mean that it has to be in, even if its optional, same goes here, there are too many mods that let you add addons from previous armas to arma 3, and you want BIS to work on something that a mod can do perfectly fine.