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Missions with a "Bad link to a static object" do not load on dedicated server unless -nologs is used
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On dedicated server, the message appear as a global chat message, but the mission won't load and the server will return to the mission list. However, if -nologs is used, the mission will load.

On SP, missions with a "Bad link to a static object" will prompt the user but he will be able to confirm the message and play the mission.

Since with each update a lot of mission break and needs re-saving, which takes a while, this becomes problematic, with the server admin selecting mission after mission just to not be able to play any of them.

  1. After playing multiple missions with this error, we came to know that 90% of them play from start to end just fine. Even if some waypoint is not executed, it is not a reason to prevent the players from playing the mission.
  1. The -nologs parameter should not change the behavior of whether or not a mission is playable.
  1. The behavior should be consistent through SP and MP. If the mission is playable in SP it should be playable in MP {F24286}


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Dedicated Server
Steps To Reproduce

Load the attached mission on a dedicated server.

  1. Try with -nologs
  2. Try without -nologs

With -nologs a "bad link with a static object" will be shown but the mission will be playable.

without -nologs a "bad link with a static object" will be shown but the mission will be not be playable.

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