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Absence detonation of explosive objects! (3 video)
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Today we have no explosion, instead of explosion we have foolish animation or nothing!
Example 1:
On a box it is written "Explosive".
However after its destruction we do not see any explosion! It is a box with an explosive and mines.
Please create realistic destruction of a box with an any explosives.
There should be a powerful explosion with the big radius of damage (similar to explosion of a grenade from Titan weapon)
I think in this case destruction of any warehouse with the weapon, will be the real present for any player!

I think any storage container or backpacks with an explosive (NLAV or RPG Grenade, Mines, etc.) which soldiers carry behind the back, should have powerful explosion! Today at shooting in explosives we have no explosion!
Example 2:

Example 3: [^]
on the steel drum we have badge is explosive!

Please add more realism in Arma 3.
Thanks in advance.


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I've also seen that, also sometimes they sink into the ground and then spring back up into the air.

Yes,I saw it also. I think these details are necessary for correcting.

This Issue has been updated.

on the steel drum we have badge is explosive!

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Add more realism? Most things don't explode when you throw bullets at them.

" Most things don't explode"
what kind of things?
Every explosive things in the realistic game should have explosion.

Bullets, rockets or mines only explode if you throw them into a extremely hot fire for very long times. Some of them may even just burn to crisp.
If barrels explode and what will cause them to explode depends on the fluid. It is unlikey that anything in those cans will explode when hit by bullets.

it is natural to expect that, shoot at at something explosive, and it should explode, but in reality, it depends on the properties of the explosives, most explosives are pretty safe and require a special primer to detonate the explosives. A mere bullet wont just set off explosives. However I would say it's safe to assume that one explosive can set off another.

That said, maybe it is because bullets can make vehicles explode, that you expect it should make everything you shoot explode. BI should still fix that -sigh-

@Goomer your argument is invalid. The barrel doesn't explode, period. Doesn't matter what you throw at it, or shoot at it, you can even set fire on it, it will not explode.

Yes, may be not all shots can create a detonation of explosives objects/. However I am assured after hit from any missile launcher or after any other contact to powerful explosion, the any explosives should will also have explosion! But today we dont have even it(
The most important thing what to make such for game is not complexity.
Probably today anybody from developers does not think of it.
Dear developers, please think of it!

@Killzone_Kid: I didn't mean the barrels in arma can have different fluids inside. But we don't know what the devs intent to have inside them either. They could very well be empty.

Super!How you have made it?

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@mickeymen: Never heard about Killzone Kid? ...just google it ;)

@mickeymen the link is in the description of the video

Thanks, but scripting for me is difficult point(
Also in the this description there is a code, but where it to insert is not written.
Probably to create explosion for an ammunition box and a backpack with an explosives?