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Editable ammoboxes don't edit at all
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When playing Zeusmode with friends (mainly "Master Altis") and we want to customise the players loadout via ammoboxes, we can't edit them. The first item works well but then it only sets the item amount to unlimited (minus button) or to 1 (sometimes 3, but not higher filling only the bar on the bottom of the GUI). When set to unlimited and then closed the menu (OK button), the Items are still there with the starting ammount, but not visible to Zeus.
Tested with each of my friend being host or Zeus.


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Zeus - General
Steps To Reproduce
  • Create a new MP Server (local or public does not matter)
  • Launch ZGM mission
  • Place a ammobox from Units/empty/ammo/*
  • Try to edit it
Additional Information

It is happening since the 1.22 Update, before then it worked just fine.
Probably it got something to do with the ammobox changes in campaign.

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