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Weapon sway goes at 4 times its normal speed.
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When I get fatigue, my weapon sway goes at speed.
The problem does not come always, but if I play for 20 mins the problem will happen. Once the sway comes it stays until I disconnect.


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I have not be able to recreate the problem in the RC build

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You really should include more information as to what the problem is... One sentence isn't really going to get the developers to change anything.

Anyhow, I personally don't really notice a difference with weapon sway in the update, therefore I think its fine.

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I have the same problem too , when I get fatigued my weapon goes like crazy.
It is almost like it is speeding up 4x times.
And it is impossible to play this way.
I havent touch the game ever since this irritating bugg occured
pleeaase fix this.
(I tried everything reinstalled it and so on)

Author of this problem, you badly explain a problem!
Please try to describe a Issue more precisely.

When the player-character is get fatigued, then view of player-aiming and weapon, starts to be very strange!
As we see on your video-example, at movement the aiming-view of the player and assault-rifle begins not realistic and and very accelerated to tremble! It amplifies, if the player rises upwards on a grief.
Dear developers please clean this issue!

Okay you guys all know about this issue, please please stop reporting it. It has been fixed on dev branch I believe, and it has been reported so many times it's almost as if you guys post without ever reading the feedback tracker and/or forums.

I must be the only person who actually likes this feature lol...
It really makes me control my fatigue and think before making a move.
I only use the 'sprint' speed when fired upon and need to get to cover quickly and that is when this shaking effect occurs.
If you rest it goes away.

Shame they're removing it :-(

The fatigue should slow down the player character, but never should accelerate! Today we see is acceleration! This is nonsense.
Why such nonsense can like to you!?

It is ugly and is not realistic.
I think necessary to remove it and to work with the real fatigue!
Yes, the aiming of player should become badly operated, but should not to have mad sway (4 -times acceleration).

Today my game has received updatings! Issue Has been resolved!

I liked it because it more closely represented the inability to keep the weapon steady while taking footsteps which jolted the weapon as the characters feet impacted on the ground :-)

Fixed in Stable 1.24. Please close this ticket as "resolved."

FeralCircus, Look the version. 1.24!

moderator! this issue already is resolved/

Koala added a comment.Jan 28 2016, 8:33 AM

According to the notes the issue got resolved.