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Faction specific RCWS turrets on MRAPs, etc.
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I have a suggestion for improving aesthetics and making the vehicles less "copy paste". My suggestion is to replace the current RCWS turrets on the game's MRAPs and other vehicles with the ones that are currently commander machine guns on the main battle tanks. For example, the commander RCWS on the Slammer UP could replace the one on the Hunter, Crusher UGV, etcetera. I would add smoke launchers on it (controllable by the gunner) much like on the Humvees. The Strider would probably get the same one because the AAF got most of their technology from NATO and the Kuma's HMG is much too large for such a small vehicle. For something like the Panther & Scorcher you could have a combined Mk32 HMG and GMG platform. The CSAT vehicles could stay the same, because that turret fits with CSAT faction in addition to looking good on those vehicles. This would make the game look so much better and really improve diversity in the vehicles. Maybe the Marid could get the T-100's commander turret, but also with a grenade launcher and defensive smoke launchers. {F24268}


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Would be even cooler if they threw that garbage in the trashcan and restored the good old man-operated M2 and DshK...
I feel like cheating when i shoot someone 1.5km away from a comfortable crewseat using a thermal camera.

The current RCWS design seems to be an up-armoured version of the real life Protector turret mounted on U.S. Strykers. So if anything, NATO vehicles should retain the current model while CSAT gets their own unique RCWS and not re-use the T-100's commander MG.

On a smaller note if there isn't going to be a unique design forthcoming for CSAT UGVs in the future, at least give the Saif a unique RCWS turret so that it can stand out from the Stomper. It would make it easier to identify hostile and friendly UGVs at long distances.