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Enemy Body Looting Parameters [Module]
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A module that would disable the ability to either looting entirely or loot certain parts. I.e. a module with customization so for example you could allow the looting of corpses and weapons but some groups don't like having magnified optics so disabling the optics on an enemies weapon to prevent said issue.

It is a very annoying when people pick up optics they are not suppose to or taking uniforms yet still having the ability to loot ammo is in-valuable in given circumstances. Sometimes you cannot rely on the I guess "Honor" of members to not take those optics, clothing, etc.


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Don't spawn units with optics to get shot at? Alternatively, if you really feel the need, you could box off the body with invisible walls, found under "Structures (Walls) in Zeus. Or in editor, use zone protection or whatever the module was called to seal off the area so snipers outside can only be shot, not poked.

Although, I don't know what that has to do with fatigue.

What? Creating invisible walls would be a foolish idea as it would just cause players to become stuck. Also, "Don't spawn units with optics to get shot at", sorry but I don't have time to completely re-script entire factions to remove the optics.

There should be a method to either lock a mission to have an inventory system like A2, i.e. not taking clothes especially for PVP missions where you don't want a body deleted.

As much as I love the ability to change clothing and weapon attachments on the fly it is just abused until the point where FF is occurring and people not having the optics they should have.

Oh yeah it wasn't meant to be fatigue, rather than feature request. Changed.

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You can't change clothes to other factions' ones unless you have a mod that enables that.