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No jump off animations in the game (no falling physics applied to character)
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If you are standing on a bit higher spot, then jump down (basically go off that spot), there is no really any jump off animation :(
Feels like character never experiences the physical force of gravity ever applied to him on impact with the ground :(
Well, there is an animation like player is being injured by the bullet, but in this case this can't be applicable to current situation. It feels very "made out of paper"


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Get on some spot a little bit higher than the ground, then jump down (walk off that spot)!

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I have long wanted to create this thread.
Dear Dev team. You yourself say that ARMA is primarily a simulation of infantry, but the game has no elementary physics of jumps/falling of infantryman!
Damage to the player, when player fall or jump you have not forgotten to do.
But the jump and falling is not made! Why we have such nonsence?