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Saving your friends in a blaze of glory
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I've done some testing with the HE grenades, and I came across something: If an enemy chucks a grenade into your team in a situation where everyone is grouped up, and a team member decides to be a hero and lay down on the grenade in order to absorb the blast to save his teammates, his death will be in vain, as it is not possible to absorb of the blast in-game at this time. It has been proven that it is possible to absorb the blast of a hand grenade in real life by covering it with your body, which will minimize damage to those sourrounding the area. I believe this would be a neat feature should it happen in a gunfight.


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1: Throw a grenade into a large group of teammates.
2; Yell "Grenade!" or something similar, then rush in and lay down on the grenade.
3: Wait for boom.
4: Take crap from your teammates as they realize that you were the one throwing the grenade and not the enemy.

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Han shot first.

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