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ETA and Distance Scale interface options.
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I'm suggesting 2 things with this feature request

  1. Give us an option to choose whether to see distances on way points presented in km or just m.

The reason is that you lose a lot of accuracy when the range is displayed as a decimal and it's not immediately clear what range a decimal represents once it ticks into a higher or lower value.

  1. Give us an optional ETA counter that calculates your time to arrive at a waypoint based on your current velocity relative to that waypoint.
NOTE: These are requested as OPTIONAL extras, that are in no way forced on players and that involves math a fifth-grader can grasp. This will help pilots and drivers communicate accurate travel times without having to reach for a calculator.

If you are going to downvote this then it is expected that you explain WHY YOU think it's not worth 5-10 minutes of development time to add these features and in what way it would impede your gameplay experience.


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"that involves math a fifth-grader can grasp"

this statement and the fact that what you want is easily achievable with scripts make it more than unlikely being implemented by the devs.

On a sidenote: If you know your average speed and the distance to your destination you can already give an approximate duration until you get there.
Let's assume you're running at 20km/h, with 4km to your destination, that's not even hard to guess.

I'm sure if you open a thread on the mission editing and scripting sections there's plenty of people who can write you a script for that, if you want to implement it into your missions.

I know it's not hard to guess in a broad sense how long travel time will take but there is something strangely fascinating about getting an accurate time quote and see it tick down in steady intervals.

The reason this is a feature request in the first place is because I am not looking for this as a script but as a global feature that is available to everyone including people who play on public servers.

As far as I know, running custom scripts gets you kicked and or banned or wont let you play on a server in the first place. Correct me if I'm wrong.