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I can not play in cooperative mode
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hello, a friend we bought the ARMA 3 and we can not play in cooperative, explained the steps we do: play / multiplayer / new / then configure the server I get:
name: estikot
Host: Internet
Port: 2302
max: 2 players
then put the cooperative mission and play 07 bounty hunter and my friend did not find me in any way, and looked in the steam servers and can not find the game, find the IP of my friend and makes me (not responding)
if you can give me the solution would be very grateful
thank you


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I can't create a server either, this sucks :(

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and there is no solution?

I've had this exact problem as well.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to link the helpful threads, unfortunately though I feel that I have already spent enough of my time earning the money to buy a product and don't feel that I should spend even more time now reading tons of information to get multiplayer working in a game that is predominantly multiplayer! I have spent a year enjoying missions with friends and then out of the blue, it is broken. I don't feel that we should be expected to partake in hours of research just to get the game to work normally. What's wrong with: Load Arma, select multiplayer, create server, tell friends server name, connect, play.

That's what it used to be, why change it. The game is now broken, it is an end user full release game. All I should need to do is download on steam and open it.

Its is weird how such a popular and successful sim / game does not get the attention it needs BI need to hire some of the incredibly talented people in this community to take a look at the problems from a new perspective and get this thing fixed.

Bring back gamespy, at least that worked flawlessly. Another sad Arma fan :(

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Gamespy stopped providing its services, BIS would use it if they could.