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All Vehicle explosions appear to completely Destroy Armor and Buildings in proximity
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Vehicle Eplosions appear to SHRED everthing nearby regardeless of level of Armor


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Place Vehicles in close proximity, or next to buildings and make them explode the explosion should kill pretty much everything close by.
Same results with other weaonry like LMGs and such.
The vehicle does not matter, i managed to blow up tanks by placing karts or quads next to them and blowing these up with .50 cal

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NOT mod related

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In case you ever thought about playing domino: now is the time

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I love the domino video N3droo. Just had to try it out myself.

This is definitely an issue that needs addressing.

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Related to #6533, #10763, #17445, #18212

Just to clarify, this is not quad or quad dmg model specific, works on all vehicles (helis included)
All related explosions can kill everything up to MBTs and buildings (if there is any tougher)