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Tipping Point: Mortars + Fatigue System = Impassable
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The Campaign mission 'Tipping Point' has become impassable due to the combined effect of the Mortar accuracy and the new Fatigue/slowdown System.

I have attempted the mission over 30 time in the last hour and a half and in every one I either die or the whole team gets wiped out due to their slow pace.

Those that make it through the barrage get efficiently clean up by the paratroopers. and this is only the first wave.

I play on normal.

In conclusion:

Mortars need to be toned down, less paratroops. Generally I higher level of survivability is needed.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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In the real world the player group would stand no chance, in this way it's realistic I guess, however this is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, and it currently stands at rage quit level.

Playing in previous iterations, I passed the mission first time through.

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