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A-164 need fixes
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The flight model of the A-164 is not well.
Although it has been improved since release, it's far away from real comfort.
Why not keeping FM of the A-10 in ArmA 2?
Please, is it possible to have the current FM replaced with the former A-10 FM? Would be much better.

As an example, when we fly under 350-300km/h, the plane is diving. Also, when flying at low speed, it's kind of difficult to aim right - as the plane's nose moves quite well.

Also, the 30mm canon sucks, it'sway over underpowered.
Even infantry can survive it and vehciles are not that easy to be destroyed with it.
I can understand for tanks, but light armored or IFV are not that easy to destroy with it - which makes it almost worthless.
Can its power be increased? Like for the A-10 maybe?

So please, can you give us back the A-10 FM and 30mm power?



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A better wreck model would be great, too.
Like one where the wings are missing, kind of what the buzzard has.

Just doesn't look good at the moment.