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A proposal: Add a parameter, so that we can use it adjust the head camera position relative to the weapon we are holding.
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I believe that many players don't like the current view angle of holding a rifle in the 1st person view.Always makes you feel like the head camera(viewpilot in config) are a little bit higher, lefter and forwarder. So you would be able to get a good immersion of shooting, and not authentic too. Sadly,there is not a parameter allows us to adjust the position(just like the extCameraPosition did for adjusting 3rdperson view). So I expect BIS could add such a parameter(could be named "intCameraposition[] = {x,y,x}"), which should subject to the cfgWeapons and cfgVehicles,thus we could adjust freely the head camera position according to the weapon you hold or the vehicle we sit in.

To explicit what I'm saying, pls take look at those picturs:

All the pictures are screenshots in game.How did I achieve this?I just changed the pilot memory point position of the arma3 soldier templates. {F24136}


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