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Weapon sway while on the move increases EXTREMELY after passing over Objects
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The weapon sway Increases along with stamina depletion after consecutive passes over Objects like stairs walls, entering and leaving houses at ridiculous rates
Also the amount and frequency seem unreal.


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Walk over Stuff multiple times or enter and leave buildings, anything which is a minor obstacle/has minor elevation seem to cause this.

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Best demonstrated when runnin up a Castle Tower with alot of stairs

This looks like a likely duplicate of #19305. Running around and up and down stairs causes fatigue, fatigue causes the weapon bounce/sway.

Compare that to full speed running with some Actual gear and tell me this is Inteded:

You're probably having to fight longer than 30s and if you get fatigued at this rate you can just dig a hole and cry, you literally get fatigued on EVERY marginal stone or slope you pass over, anything that sticks out.

Besides that the fatigued sway looks pretty over the notch, and is probably the reason why you're fatigued after all if you bounce your 4kg gun up and down by 3cm 5times a second