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Showcase Missions: Suddenly can't sprint anymore, unable to lower rifle and other weird stuff
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Since the last update, when playing one of the showcase missions (i tried only these), the character will be unable to sprint anymore, even if completely HEALTHY and NOT EXHAUSTED.

Seems to appear as soon as the game autosaves and then it doesn't go away, no matter where you go. What also happens: If you use iron sight, the shaking animation of the rifle will start to go really fast, like if you would accelerate time and also (not always) you won't be able to lower your weapon, until you press W+S at the same time.
All these things disappear, as soon as you get wounded and fix yourself up with a medkit. Why is it always something with this game...WHY?


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Can you please try without any mods activated?

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Tried with all mods deactivated, but problems persists.
By the way, there should be a way to enable/disable multiple addons at the same time, for example through selecting. Manually disabling all these addons and now enabling them all again one after another, not fun to do.

See this ticket: