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Add a favorite filter/field in the server browser
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As the option to select a specific server through the server list can take a very long time (you have to download the complete list of servers, then the filter criteria have to be applied every time a search is done!) with 3000+ available servers, I would like to suggest the option to create a favorite list/filter based on IP:Port.

If you select the server you want to join directly via the "Remote" option and the server is up and running, the server will appear !instantly! in the server browser field. If this could be done for a favorite list of servers, this would be great.

Frankly, I do not want to draw a complete list of 3000+ servers, when I am only interested in one or two. If I want to look for new servers, I will let the search run through completley, but this is mostly not desired every time.

Visitors to our server were complaining about that also, either they could not find the server (maybe did not wait long enough for the server to appear in the list), or they changed to remote join directly.

To reduce the search time, it would also be nice if the results could be cached somehow and not make it neccessary every time to download the list - just updating the chached list on new server and servers that have been removed.

Thank you!


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