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Youtube on Arma3
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please enable the youtube code for arma3 mission editing, not just bootcamp


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it would be ok as a video feature, but why youtube?

i support a video feature too in the next DLCs but i found this scirpt:

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That command was introduced recently and it was made specifically for the bootcamp update.

I just tried the command in the current A3 version, non dev.

test = openYoutubeVideo "watch?v=z0_qmVOUpPg";

It seems like the new command is not working yet.

Ah just tested it again. It works when starting from init.sqf and the steam overlay must be activated.

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showing it ingame as PIP will be awesome

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it can be a nice feature for mission briefings:
you click on a briefing topic and see an integrated video from the Internet.

Or at least a hyperlink in the briefing that would open the Internet browser with a given URL (but maybe a security problem?).

At the moment I am using this trick in my briefings:

<execute expression="copyToClipboard ''">ZDROB Missions (click to copy weblink)</execute>

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