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Smooth-Brush for Terrainbuilder/Buldozer
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Terrain Builder and Buldozer would really benefit from a smooth-brush for realtime smoothing of terrain edited with the level/raise/lower/set-brush directly.

In the current workflow, one must select and smooth terrain in the terrain builder window after changing the terrain in buldozer. That is very unintuitive and especially problematic for large non rectangular areas like roads.

Realtime smoothing like in all other terrain tools like L3DT or Wilbur would be a great addition.


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Edit a terrain in buldozer with the included brushes. You will get a lot of hard edges especially on polylineroads. This can be smoothed with the TB terrain tools but this requires to select all vertices that have to be smoothed and is very timeconsuming.

Also the smoothing is not very intuitive and follows a "trail and error" approach.

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Also an undo feature would be nice too!

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i thought terraforming was impossible in this engine

We are talking about Buldozer, the real time terrain editor. Terrain vertices are streamed between TB and Buldozer.

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wait, is there a real time terrain editor? i was not even aware

Please stay on topic in this ticket. If you want to discuss buldozer, create a post in the forums. Thanks.

I think this ticket can be closed. TB/BD has now a smooth function.

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