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NATO Story unit Kerry is using wrong face (WhiteHead_05) loading the game sets his face to one that you set in your game profile
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I was playing around in a editor today and I noticed that FIA and NATO kerry faces are completely different (yeah I know that Kerry grows a beard in Adapt and is much more dirtier, but they don't share the same facial features).

Update: First part of the bug is fixed in dev branch but now instead of his original default face it sets his face to one that you have set up in your player profile when you are loading the game.


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Steps To Reproduce

Start Survive (or Adapt or Win save then load your game) Campaign, or create a NATO Kerry unit in editor and preview the mission.

Additional Information

This(with wrong face) bug started to appear since patch 1.18 but loading was still setting/changing characters faces since alpha. Best way to test this bug is when you play Adapt Gori patrol mission with teamates once mission starts dismount your vehicle along with your team then save and load (this bug happends both in stable and dev branch).

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Fixed in 1.32 version