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We need a [] "frustration factor" VOTING system. [Scale of 1 to 10]
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On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the MOST frustrating) - each person should also be able to vote (1 time) on the "frustration factor" for each issue.

You could put a color bar on the right side of the (1 to 10) button chooser:

  • Low numbers are green (1-4)
  • Middle number are yellow. (5-8)
  • High frustration numbers are red color! (9-10)

Then BIS could quickly gauge the MOST important issues to fix, to stop people from pulling the hair out of their head! Even if only 50 people voted on an issue, if all 50 people give it a "10" on the frustration factor, then it's clearly an important issue to address!


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The most frustrating [User Interface] problem right now for me - is when I can't access a DEAD SOLDIER's inventory system. It drives me CRAZY when I desperately need a first aid kit - but I only have access to the dead soldier's gun/missile launcher!

I could be lying directly on top of a dead soldier . . . and rotate my body around like I'm trying to have sex or something, for 30 seconds (again, just like sex) but I just can't find the "sweet spot" (again, just like . . . oh never mind).

I just want to bring up ALL the soldier's inventory! If I'm lying on top of his body, I should be able to bring up the entire inventory system!!!


  • If you like my GENERAL IDEA for a "frustration factor" VOTING system on the ARMA 3 feedback website - PLEASE up vote it now!

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