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Independent helicopter on Stratis map issue
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So was messing around on the map as blufor when I shot down the helicopter from independent forces. I shot the helicopter (WY-55 Hellcat) down by shooting the pilots with a 50 calibure. When it landed it didn't explode and was highly damaged when I got in. When I clicked start engine all the sounds would start up but none of the blades on the helicopter were turning, also lag happened at the same exact time, dropped from 60 fps with V sync on to 20 when this occurred. Just wanted to let you all know. Also just throwing this out there FPS drop and lag when in vehicle First person view. Wasn't sure if you all could look in to this but it has killed me in game a few times from delayed response when being attacked. Other than that GREAT GAME love it.


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Not sure, I was in editor on Stratis in dev build, I was blufor 50 cal mounted pick up truck as gunner on north side of map, had helicopter from independent forces fly toward my location, shot in to cockpit and discovered the issue there. Helicopter that was flying was WY-55 Hellcat.

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Not a priority. Just thought I would let you all know about it, just so you all know. Was a strange glitch.

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Were you using any mods?

Negative, I was playing vanilla other than the fact I was in Dev build. Struck me odd. I am on right now trying to reproduce it again, I get it here or there. Main issue, shooting the helicopter down with out blowing it up. Almost every time I shot it out of the sky and the engine was damaged it will do it. Kind of funny. lol.

I cannot reproduce the problem at all. If you encounter more precize repro steps, please let me know, thank you.

No problem, I will. Sorry about that, was one of them strange things.