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Possibility of using the Democratic Republic of Koana for new maps?
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Koana Islands (pronounced Co-AHNAH Islands), officially the Republic of Koana Islands is a fictional Oceania country situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

I saw this creation when it flared up on reddit 10 months ago, and was intrigued with the layout and style of the place.
Since then I admittedly forgotten all about it until today when I was looking for maps for Arma 3 and suddenly this popped back into my head.
I quickly realised that it'd be the perfect Arma Map.

  • It's not based on any real places.
  • It has it's own culture.
  • It's really huge (you can pick and choose places to use)
  • It's really well detailed already.

I've already spoken to the creator to see if he'd be into the idea and he's interested in the idea.
Me asking the author:

Overview of islands:

Subreddit where project lives:


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I highly doubt the the devs would take inspiration from this, but maybe someone would be able (and willing) to mod it.

Just out of curiosity, what's the climate like on these islands? BIS said they'd like to make something different from all the maps in the series.