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Objects that are stored in "Objects (Camping)" are not easy to be found in other languages.
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The Subclass "Objects (Camping)" does not exist in German language (haven´t tested other languages yet). If I want to place a Fireplace so I have to go to Objects (Camping) as Long as I am in english Version. But in German Version this subclass does not exist. All Camping Stuff is stored now in the Camping Subclass ("Zelten"), which is the last entry. This is not wrong, it also doesn´t prevent anyone from using/playing, it´s just confusing. In all the other titles before Fireplaces and Camping stuff was seperated from each other.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • start ArmA3 in German Version
  • go to the Editor (no matter whether MP od SP)
  • place a Player Unit to unlock the "Empty" Fraction
  • go to Empty and look for Objects (Camping). It will not be there.
  • scroll all the way down to the last entry and you´ll find "Zelten". All Camping stuff and Fireplaces as well are in there right now
Additional Information

This is not a Bug nor an important issue. It´s just confusing if someone wants to use an item that has always been in the same Subclass for all previous titles.

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