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Friendly vehicles turn red on radar after friendly fire
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If i am in a helicopter (but this is true for jets too) and my team mate commits a friendly fire when he is on a vehicle, his marker turns red on my radar, making
it impossible to distinguish him from an enemy.

This is a problem in Coop and Pvp missions and generates a mess


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i was piloting a AH-99 Blackfoot and my team mate was on an A164 Wipeout

Takistan map

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not exactly a bug, but more of AI behaviour, when you kill a friendly, your rank will be degraded, when your rank is lower than private, you become an ind. enemy for your former allies, so all AI who makes friendly fire becomes enemy.

Sometimes even if you kill the "traitor" you will become a traitor too, and EVEN on top of that, if its an AI gunner of the vehicle you control who kills the traitor, you will be the "bad guy" and hell, even the gunner will assume you as an enemy.

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I always liked this feature. It's as good penalty for being a dumb ass that shoots at friendlies.

Yeah, you'll become a renegade if you kill friendlies. It's not an issue at all as you shouldn't be killing friendly units.

it would make sense if this system worked at all, but it sucks.

Can't say I've experienced what you mentioned. The behavior you describe definitely shouldn't happen because the renegade unit should become part of sideEnemy:

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yes, maybe is a good behaviour in a Public Coop or in single player...

but in a PvP or in a private Coop this is terrible.

In a Clan vs Clan PvP is terrible that your plane becomes red if you do a blue on blue, it's a PvP, you are in the same team than before.

And in a private Coop is idiot too, it's the team leader that has to punish the player at the end, not the game...

I dont think players should punish another player by killing him

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Have a look at: and just increase the rating for every player in that coop or pvp mission by a whopping number.

Its just like its hsould, you kill your people, you become enemy - simple as can be. In real warfare there is the same procedure.

Except its not the same procedure...

It depend in which army. I cant imagine a soldiers in a trench and some of them start shooting to his own people and not being killed by his own men. Thats what i was meaning by saying "same procedure".

In a war you dont get automatically targeted by everyone (incluiding armors and aircrafts) after accidentally shooting a friendly.

Maybe not, but all around who saw accident, know you're the enemy, and real people can scream, so info is wenting fast (that you are not friendly) - then off course radio messages etc. This system should not be change, as game engine not allow to change this better

You seriously believe soldiers are shot instantly when they accidentally shot a friendly? or are you just trolling?

Ahhh, you just dont understand what i have writed... IF YOU AND YOUR FELLOWS ARE STANDING IN THE TRENCH AND SOME OF YOUR BUDDIES USE YOUR GUNS AND KILL FEW OF YOUR PEOPLE YOU WILL NOT SHOOT HIM (JUST TO STOP HIM)? I'm not a troll, i think its realistic enough. OR BETTER, SIMPLIER SITUATION - YOU ARE IN TANK PLATON AND ONE OF YOUR TANK PLATOON START TO DESTROY FRIENDLY FORCES - WHAT YOU DO? JUST WATCH OR STOP HIM? I've seen enough of those "explosions" in peoples head - stress, determination, hope for escape from the battlefield. We were sitting in the barrack, normally day in Afghanistan, then we heared screaming, 6 men in circle surrounded one men (who screamed he want to escape, "stop this madness") and other didnt want to let him go, he shooted 3 men's - one in chest, 2 in leg, third on both with the pistol. Its normal on the battlefield, movies and telewision are not showing this (i dont know why, beacuse of shame?). People are people, they have feelings.

What you read about on a fanfiction website doesn't count as a testimony, F-P.

???? I just writed what i saw on my eyes. Actually you act like troll here, not me.

the issue is not concerning the fact that if you kill friends you get shot as an enemy, but the fact that if you do a teamkill, your aircraft becomes enemy on the RADAR of friendly vehicles, that is not possible in real life.

But in real life it can be easly aimed (just like IN game pushing the "next target" key) and shooted down. If it become still friendly you cannot lock it fast enough, even with pushing right mouse button it sometimes cannot aim the aircraft (game recognize it faaaaaar behind the jet or it detect aircraft when its escaping). Its game engine limitation.

You just dont get it, FP.

If you are the gunner of a transport chopper and become an "enemy" both your chopper crew thinks of you as an enemy and the entire team thinks of your chopper as an enemy.

OK, but if plane (jets is ONE PERSON CREWED, then whole vehicle is enemy. If chopper, you are right, but what fix you want? Give them idea, if it will not be enemy, it will can still kill friendlies with no responsibilities, AND if you are in AA vehicle, seeing the black hawk gunner shooting to your people, you will not attack this chopper?????????? Man, you havent been in the army am i right? You dont know what this bad man is able for, so you need to FAST select "smaller evil" - 5 crewed chopper, or GOD knows how many casualities from the chopper.

Are you seriously trying to excuse every flaw in the game?

aahhh no comment....

My solution is:


In real life, if you are in a jet and fire to your friends you become an enemy and maybe someone kill you with an another jet.


or you add an option so you can disable this automatic system in pvp, because IN PVP AI DOESN'T EXIST!

If i am in a PVP and my team mate do a team kill, I DON'T WANT TO LOCK HIM FAST TO KILL HIM, BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO KILL HIM.

sorry for the caps lock, but maybe i am not able to explain my point of view.