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Pressing "Optics" does not cancel Sprinting. Sprinting does not cancel Optics mode. "Optics" doesn't raise weapon.
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3 related issues:

  1. When sprinting forward, selecting weapon Optics does not cancel the sprint.

I use "2 x W" as sprint, and "W" as move forward;

The only way to go from sprint to a slower speed is to release the "W" key and press it again. This is clunky and not intuitive.

Selecting Optics should override sprint. Because aiming through optics is a higher Priority.
If I see a target while sprinting I cannot instinctively raise the weapon optics.

Suggestion: Pressing Optics during sprinting should cancel the sprint and show the optics.

  1. If optics are being used, when you sprint, the optics disappear while sprinting, but then come back when you slow down. This is annoying since you cannot tell while sprinting whether optics are on or off.

Suggestion: Sprinting should cancel optics if optics are up.

  1. If weapon is lowered pressing "optics" does not raise the weapon and show the optics. However it does put you into optics mode and slow you to tactical pace. This is annoying and not intuitive. While walking with weapon lowered I cannot engage a target simply by pressing optics.

Suggestion: Pressing "optics" should cancel the lowered weapon, since optics should be a higher priority.


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Steps To Reproduce

Part 1)

  • Set "2xW" as sprint key. (or any double-tap key bind)
  • Sprint Forward.
  • Press "Optics" key.
  • Notice how optics are not displayed and sprint continues.

Part 2)

  • Press optics.
  • Notice your optics are up.
  • Sprint forward
  • While sprinting press optics key many times
  • Notice how after sprint you cannot predict if optics will be up or down

Part 3)

  • Lower your weapon
  • run forward
  • press optics
  • notice how optics are not shown
  • notice how you slow to tactical pace as if optics are up

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In arma 2 if your weapon was lowered,pressing optics raised your weapon and sighted in,don't know why this isn't the case in arma 3,as you have to raise it first to sight in in arma 3.