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Rotation of objects is broken in Terrain Builder Buldozer view after recent update...
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Since the last TB update, rotating of objects in Buldozer view has become extremely "jittery", which makes it impossible to achieve an accurate placement or orientation of an object.
On rotation the object seems to "jump" from one angle to another, often jumping to a different angle again as you release the mouse button. Additionally, it will occasionally instantly "flip" by 180 degrees while rotating.

In 2D view there's similar behaviour...


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Run Terrain Builder - load test terrain of choice.
  • Add an object - something like a fence section provides the most obvious example but any object will do.
  • Launch Buldozer.
  • In buldozer view - select the object, then attempt to rotate it...
  • Now switch to 2D view and try rotation.. try Anticlockwise rotation.
  • Now add a couple more objects and select the whole group - hold Left Shift and Right mouse button (rotate objects on their individual axis) - attempt to rotate clockwise and anticlockwise...
  • Now hold down Left Ctrl+Shift and Right mouse button (rotate all about a central common axis)... There's a 50% chance of an outright crash at this point... If there's no crash, then again - attempt to rotate Anticlockwise as well as clockwise...
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It Seems the Models are fighting to remain at Yaw 0.00
can be repoduced Awlays with Land_i_garaage_V1
However if you Hold Down LFTCTRL whilst rotating Jittering is not there and if in small increments it is stable , still Broke but may give a clue to solution