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Addon Builder checks every Folder in Drive P while binarizing
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After the update, Addon Builder checks every folder with a config inside (while binarizing other folders) and reported errors (sure, some config's aren't finish...) about these configs !!

Related to this BIF thread :

How can we handle this behaviour ? Thanks for information.

Regards, MrF

Edit : If i choose my project folder in options, Addon Builder crashed.


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Simple binarize a project.

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Still valid and annoying

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Edit : yes, still valid and very annoying...

this needs a fix , i can't binarize stuff with this issue - checks every config in my P: drive so it gives me like 50 error in the configs (configs that have nothing to do with the addon which i binarizing) ...

it's just annoying and slows things down alot

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Logs can be hard to read as it is, without the extra distractions. Voted.