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More Realistic Combat sounds
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Arma 3s combat at the moment isn't very realistic with the sounds. Like when a bullet zips past you, you should hear just that... a 'ZIP'. Look at medal of honor Warfighter for instance,thats got amazing combat sounds and immersion...


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Only subsonic rounds should make a 'ZzzIP' sound, e.g. after a ricochet or if the round has travelled far enough for it to slow down to make a lower pitched noise.
It is normal to hear a high pitched 'TIK' 'CRACK' or 'SNAP' sound for the passing supersonic rounds due to the compressed pressure waves producing a higher frequency.

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Getting shot at sounds like someone snapping a clipboard next to your head. Then you will hear a shot. You'll hear it later depending on how far away the shooter is. The frequency will be lower the farther he is as well.

FeralCircuis is right, bullets usually only "zip" when traveling slower than sound, which is only when they ricochet. Subsonic rounds (which are used with supressors) typically will not zip because the "zip" noise is caused by the round spinning through the air.