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Control Map (type 100/101) doesn't work within control groups (type 15) properly
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Putting a map type inside a control group (type 15) does show some behaviour that is uncommon to every other control type I have worked with so far.

a) Positioning
Also all controls inside a control group should be placed at x=0, y=0 at the position x,y of the control this doesn't have an effect on the map type 100/101
b) Dragging the dialog
If "movingenable=true;" for the dialog the map type inside the control group does not move when dragging the dialog around

c)possible other problems: zooming in and out of the map and moving on the map gets unresponsive. I had other controlgroups/ elements in side the space of the map from which most where hidden as I tried it out.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a map type 100 inside the controls of a dialog

-> should work fine

  1. Add a control group to your dialog and place the map type 100 inside the control group

-> Problems a, b) from above are noticeable
and possible quirkiness in c) which might be due to the fact that controls or group of controls inside a control group are not properly placed above each other in the order they are called.

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