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Vest model differentiation
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*NOTE: I will give a summary and then list some examples/ideas for model differentiated vests.*

Personally, the vests look quite bland with only 2 variants of each faction's vest. Adding different vest models would not only make sections of the game look more aesthetically pleasing, but could possibly help with gameplay.

*NOTE: I'm only gonna cover NATO vests for the examples.*

While the Lite and Rig seem fine, the Specialized and Grenadier variants seem bland and ugly using the same model as the Lite.

The Grenadier variant to start off with, should have some pouches on the front removed and replaced with grenade pouches. Personally I think the Camelbak should be on this one, but anyways, pouches should also be moved around a little. If the Devs want to model some new stuff on and possibly new textures, then I'd add a Ballistic Neck Collar, and a Ballistic Groin Flap.

The Specialized vest should have less pouches and no camelbak. It should have some sort of platebags or something on the sides or front. A few other details would also do.

One of the 4 vests should also use that Shoulder Plate texture in the vest texture, preferably the Rig or Grenadier. Also, replace the 5.56 mags on the vests with 6.5 mags.

That concludes this, but I really hope the devs take this into account.


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agree, vest models should have better variety, and the differences between them are not explained.